Take Care of Texas

All Texans have a part to play in preserving our exceptional quality of life.

Take Care of Texas is a statewide campaign from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that provides helpful information on Texas’ successes in environmental protection and encourages all Texans to help keep our air and water clean, conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and save a little money in the process!

Thank you for doing your part to Take Care of Texas. And, remember—Texas has clean air, rivers, lakes, and bays, so get outdoors and enjoy them!

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Bat Boxes: Help Texas Bats Bounce Back  

While Take Care of Texas focuses on how humans can take action to protect our state, native wildlife also play an essential role in Texas environme...

The Texas 20

Earth Day, observed on Thursday, April 22 this year, is the annual celebration of our planet and a yearly reminder of our collective responsibility...

Lessons from Winter Storm Uri

A Take Care of Texas staff member recalls ways that conservation concepts were valuable to him during the history winter storm that took many Texans' power and water for several days. ...

Celebrate National Groundwater Awareness Week

National Groundwater Awareness Week is March 7–13. ...

Texas Symbols Coloring Pages

Show your Texas pride with these Take Care of Texas coloring pages!...

Proud Partner Highlight: Waste Management

For Spring 2021, we’re highlighting Waste Management as our Proud Partner of the Quarter....

Texas Communities Tackle Illegal Dumping

Have you ever encountered a used couch mysteriously discarded in a field, or had to roll away an old car tire that has become a mosquito haven?...

Want to Know the Fundamentals of Collecting Rainwater?

Read on for expert advice to help you get started in conserving water and saving some money. Discover calculation resources and government tax incentives to make your rainwater harvesting system more affordable. ...

How Texans Are Doing Their Part

I use a rain barrel to collect rainwater for watering my outdoor plants; its better for the plants and easier on my water bill. Sometimes I even use the rainwater to wash my dog!


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