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Texas is a big and beautiful state and it's important we protect and conserve its natural resources for future generations. Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're garnering impressive results. The following are excerpts of the most innovative, successful ideas submitted.

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care Of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.

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Larry Jones from Bonham

As a retired Texas Agriculture Science teacher, I can say that we do not need to travel to the stars to see aliens. All we need to do is investigate Entomology, the study of insects and arthropods (spiders, etc).

There are many in Texas, but at the top of my "favorite list" are two remarkable creatures.

Monarch Butterflies (see picture)
- The Monarch "migration" is one of the greatest phenomena in the natural world.
- A single monarch can travel hundreds or even thousands of miles.
- In the Spring, they migrate from Central Mexico, thru Texas all the way to Canada.
- In the Fall, in September and October, their southern migration from Canada to Mexico begins.
- Monarchs know the correct direction to migrate even though the individuals that migrate have never made the journey before.
- They follow an internal “compass" that points them in the right direction.
- The Milkweed plant is crucial for their journey.
- If you have space in your garden, plant some Milkweed for the Monarchs.

Cicadas (see picture)
- One of the longest living insects in the world
- there are over 3,000 species
- two main groups that emerge from the ground every 13 or 17 years
- Their exoskeleton "sheds" are found everywhere
- the females can buzz louder than a lawnmower with their mating calls
- 2021 was the peak year for the 13 year group in Texas
- 2034 is the next peak year for them to return.

Unnati Dehariya from Jabalpur


Bass Slingers from Fort Worth

We are bass fishing group launched from Fort Worth Texas and regularly hold cleanup days at local ponds. We have also joined TRWD in the Adopt-a-River program to keep the Trinity River clean. I'm proud to say we do a lot of community help/support and are proud to join in this pledge

kerstin rise from killeen

Our family practices minimalism. We recycle Metal/Aluminum cans, glass and paper. We also try to conserve as much energy and water as possible by keeping the thermostat at a 76 degree level. We only buy the food necessary to reduce any waste or spoiled groceries.

NPSOT, NPAT from Harriet H

After preparing a recipe in a mixing bowl or serving in a serving bowl or cooking in a large pot / pan, keep it in the sink to catch the trickle of water you use. Use this water for washing items which can't be put in the dishwasher. Catch the trickle you use for rinsing these items. Lastly, if you won't be washing again for hours, wash the container of used water. The soapy water down the drain will help to keep fats, etc from clogging your sewer pipes. Save your coffee grounds for compost, rinse the paper filter with a trickle of washer & reshape it into the filter basket to dry ( use it until paper tears). You saved water by re-using the paper filter rather than a new one everyday; making paper filters requires much more water. Save tea leaves also for compost ( even if you can't save vegetation matter); compost helps the soil to retain water - less sprinkling the soil, better plants maintainance. Sweep up leaves for compost; apply directly to gardens & lawns vs. freezing winter weather & dryness.

Patricia Alice White from Dallas

I have 4 67 gal water barrels on my property and have had them for over 10 years. They are easy to maintain and easy to use.

Samer Tallauze from Austin

Whether it's torrential rain or scorching hot, there are lots of ways to #savewater in the garden! ?

Whatever the weather #WatersWorthSaving ?☀️?

This #waterwarriorthursday why not take a look at some of these tips and let us know which one's you already do and which one's you'll be giving a go ? Austin, Texas

Keep San Angelo Beautiful from San Angelo

At Keep San Angelo Beautiful our "WE CARE" program recognizes those that go above and beyond to make a difference in our community. Mrs. Unja Baliko is a Korean national who loves San Angelo. She has spent over twelve years, sweeping, edging, mowing and taking care of the southwest portion of our city. She collects 1-2 bags of trash EVERY day and can be seen around the Greenridge area. Not only is she a beautiful example, but she has created a lot of awareness around clean, green and beautiful spaces in San Angelo, Texas. Thanks for inspiring us all Unja!

Valerie & Barry Howard from Waco

I have been camping at Garner State Park for 23 years by 1990. Barry told me about the many camping trips that he had taken with his best friend in other State Parks the first 2 years we were together, so I just had to show him the piece of Heaven that God created in The Texas Hill Country. We have continued the same tradition that my family started in the 60’s with about 150 family members & friends who have come & gone over the years. Taking Care of Texas is always in our hearts, when we climb Old Baldy, we take more trash bags then we realize, however, we always manage to get it all down. We pick trash out of the Frio and although, we have received many tickets for “open cans” in the river we still keep taking care of Texas. This July we will be a party of 2. Some of us just need to be with our own family after the past year of uncertainty and pain. Barry and I included. We are going to go to South Llano State Park, for the week & keep our family tradition even if for 1 day on the Frio and GSP. You better believe we have plans to keep taking care of Texas by day then thanking God for the beautiful awe of it all by night as we look up at the stars knowing the best memories have been made with friends and family & are a very special part of our lives now. KEEP TAKING CARE OF TEXAS! NOT FADE AWAY....

Tommy Daum from New Braunfels

I am always looking for ways to reuse, restore, recycle. Noticed that a pipe laying operation here in New Braunfels, was removing the saddles that the big pipes are delivered on . Asking what they did with them , they trash them, so I asked if I could have them. Response yes. I will have multiple uses for them , including posts for fence and uprights for new patio.
There are a lot of ways .

Texas Master Naturalist, Lost Pines Chapter from Bastrop, Texas

Taking Care of Texas Since 2012 as Texas Master Naturalists, Lost Pines Chapter.
Weekly…my wife and I have picked up roadside and trail litter along a targeted 5 miles of city streets, county roadways and local riverside hiking trails, removing close to 2,000 pounds of litter each year.

Frank M from Bastrop

Since 2012, my wife and I have picked up roadside and trail litter along 5 miles of city and county roads and hiking trails, averaging close to 2,000 pounds a year.

Joy Pruner from China Spring

I am helping to take care of Texas by using glass (instead of plastic) for storage as much as possible. I have been buying milk products from Volleman's Dairy in Gustine, TX. - Their milk is bottled in glass, and is returned to the retailer for refund on deposit.

I also use canning jars for storage of beans, rice, pasta, etc. I also make homemade bar-b-que sauce which I store in glass canning jars in the fridge.

Mariana from Dallas

We can take care of Texas by not throwing trash and pick up trash we can also throw trash in the trash

Colleen D from Corpus Christi

I live on North Padre Island..I've done beach clean ups, put out bird feeders and plant flowers that will keep the Monarch butterflies coming back. I'm so protective of Texas because she has given us so much beauty!

International Water saver Environmental Services from Sugerland

I am hydro geologist / professor of Environmental Science in Houston Community College.
I have 40 years water and environment project experience. I am interested to visit EPA and want to exchange my knowledge and experience with your department. Because I want to update my information and want to look my students interest in environmental science .

Bulverde Creek Elementary - North East ISD from San Antonio, TX. 78259

Jiana and Julian Garcia spent their last day of winter break cleaning up the Bulverde Creek Elementary grounds. They enjoy being outside and the natural environment. When Jiana saw how the wind had blown trash around their school’s playground, she decided to start picking up litter. Julian followed and before long they had a trash bag filled with trash.

Frank May from Bastrop

In 2012 my wife Catherine and I started picking up litter along 4 miles of Bastrop County roadways. We average over 20 pounds of roadside litter a week. So far, we have moved over 9,000 pounds of litter from these roadways to the landfill.

Cathy Salling from Watauga

I put buckets in my shower to catch water. When they are full, I use them to water plants or flush the toilet. I don't use a dishwasher. Instead, I use buckets to wash & rinse the dishes, then use the water on my plants. I use laundry detergent sheets instead of liquid detergent so there is no plastic jug to go in the landfill. I stopped using plastic ziploc bags. Instead I bought silicone reclosable reusable bags. I aslo stopped using paper towels. I use cloth napkins instead. Instead of kleenex, I use cloth handkerchiefs. All excess fruit & vegetable scraps go in the compost. All plastic and paper go in the recycle. I use atotally renewable energy company. I keep the thermostat on 78 in the summer and 68 in the winter. My heater has a heat pump. Outside, I have three rain barrels to catch water for the lawn. Since I only have renewable energy, my lawn mower, blower and weed eater are all electric. My front lawn is totally xeriscaped. My back yard is 75% xeriscaped. I have a vegetable garden to grow organic food. I only use organic pesticides and fertilizers. And lastly, I drive a Prius. I will be watching all the comments to determine if there is something else I can do.

OB from Out in the country near Banquete, Texas

We use grey water from our tub and washing machine into the yard to water grass and collect and recycle aluminum cans.

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