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Individual student handouts and lesson plans (with TEKS references) provided below in pdf.

NOTE: Air and Waste Lesson Plans use TEKS as of 2020. Water Lesson Plans use TEKS from 2015. Please verify on the TEA's Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) webpage.

Lesson Plans

Water | Waste and Recycling | Air Lesson Plans:
Lesson Summary Science TEKS Documents
Dangers to Avoid in a Flood
Type: Water Education

Student handout with activities and information that complements the Dangers to Avoid in a Flood Poster.

Texas and the Clean Air Act
Type: Air Education

Students will gain a better understanding of the Clean Air Act and how it continues to help improve overall air
quality for Texans.”

6th Grade – §112.18.b. 1A,B; 2A-E; 3A-D; 4A,B; 5C; 7A.
7th Grade – §112.19.b. 1A,B; 2A-E; 3A-D; 4A,B; 6A.
8th Grade – §112.20.b. 1A,B; 2A-E; 3A-D; 4A,B.
Introduction to Landfills
Type: Waste and Recycling Education

Learn the importance of landfills and demonstrate how reducing waste, recycling, and composting can extend the lifetime of landfills.

6th Grade – §112.18.b. 2A-E; 3A-D; 7A.
7th Grade – §112.19.b. 2A-E; 3A-D.
8th Grade – §112.20.b. 2A-E; 3A-D.§111.26.b. 1A-G; 3A-E; 9A,C; 10A,B.
Introduction to Air Quality
Type: Air Education

Understand the basics of air quality, discover the current air quality in an area, and learn about any necessary precautions.


§112.14.b. 2A,D,F; 3A,C; 5C; 8A; 9A,C.
§112.15.b. 2A,B,D,F; 3A,B,C; 7C; 8A.
§112.16.b. 2B,C,D,F; 3A,C; 8A.
Household Hazardous Waste Identification
Type: Waste and Recycling Education

Learn how to identify HHW products, safer alternatives, and where and how to reduce, reuse, recycle, or safely dispose of HHW items.


• 6th Grade - §112.18.b. 1A,B; 2A; 3A,C,D.
• 7th Grade - §112.19.b. 1A,B; 2A; 3A,C,D.
• 8th Grade - §112.20.b. 1A,B; 2A; 3A,C,D.
Create Your Own Compost
Type: Waste and Recycling Education

Learn what composting is, the ingredients for a successful compost, and the environmental/societal benefits it provides.

• 4th Grade – §112.15.b. 1A,B; 2A,B,F; 4A; 5A,B; 7A,B,C; 8A,C; 9A,C; 10A.
• 5th Grade – §112.16.b. 1A,B; 2A,B; 4A; 5A,B; 9A,B,C.
• 6th Grade – §112.18.b. 1A,B; 2A,B,E; 4A; 7A.
• 7th Grade – §112.19.b. 1A,B; 2A,B,E; 4A; 10A,B,C.
• 8th Grade – §112.20.b. 1A,B; 2A,B,E; 4A; 11A,B.
How to Recycle
Type: Waste and Recycling Education

Learn how the recycling process works, what materials can be recycled, and how to recycle properly.

• 4th Grade – §112.15.b. 1A,B; 2A,B; 5A,B.
• 5th Grade – §112.16.b. 1A,B; 2A,B.
• 6th Grade – §112.18.b. 1A,B; 2A,B.
• 7th Grade – §112.19.b. 1A,B; 2A,B.
Junk Art
Type: Waste and Recycling Education

Develop an understanding that discarded materials can be reused.

• 2nd Grade – §112.13.b. 1A,B; 2A,B.
• 3rd Grade – §112.14.b. 1A,B; 2A,B.
• 4th Grade – §112.15.b. 1A,B; 2A,B.
• 5th Grade – §112.16.b. 1A,B; 2A,B.
Community Awareness Plan
Type: Water Education

Brainstorm any discovered water quality problems to find its cause. Develop and implement a plan to address this issue.

4.2C,D,F; 4.3A 5.2D,F,G; 5.3A 6.2E; 6.3A
Data Analysis
Type: Water Education

Explore reasons that caused the results of their collected data.

4.2E,F 5.2E,F
Survey: Biological Properties
Type: Water Education

Collect benthic macroinvertebrates (insects, etc.) to determine water quality.

4.1A; 4.2A,B,D,F; 4.3A; 4.4A,B; 4.10A 5.1A; 5.2A,B,C,D,F; 5.3A; 5.4A,B; 5.9A; 5.10A,C 6.1A; 6.2A,B,E; 6.3A; 6.4A,B; 6.12C,D
Survey: Chemical Properties
Type: Water Education

Test the chemical properties of a water body and hypothesize factors influencing it.

4.1A; 4.2A,B,D,F; 4.3A, 4.4A,B 5.1A; 5.2A,C,D,F; 5.3A; 5.4A,B 6.1A; 6.2A,E; 6.3A; 6.4A,B
Survey: Physical Properties
Type: Water Education

Test the physical properties of a water body and hypothesize factors influencing it.

4.1A; 4.2A,B,D,E,F; 4.3A, 4.4A,B 5.1A; 5.2A,C,D,E,F; 5.3A; 5.4A,B 6.1A; 6.2A,E; 6.3A; 6.4A,B
Survey: Invasive Species–Aquatic Plants
Type: Water Education

Observe and identify aquatic plants considered invasive species.

4.1A; 4.2B; 4.4A,B; 4.10A 5.1A; 5.2C; 5.4A,B; 5.10A 6.1A; 6.4A,B
Survey: On-Site Sketch
Type: Water Education

Observe and identify the characteristics of a water body.

4.2B,D; 4.3A; 4.4A; 4.7A 5.2C; 5.3A; 5.4A 6.2C; 6.4A
Water Pollution
Type: Water Education

Investigate the cause of 10 water pollution scenarios.

4.2D,F; 4.3A 5.2D,F; 5.3A; 5.5D; 5.9D 6.2E; 6.3A
The Aquatic Food Web
Type: Water Education

Develop an aquatic food web and understand the relationship between these organisms.

4.3A; 4.9A,B 5.3A; 5.9A,B 6.3B; 6.12A,F
Watershed Survey
Type: Water Education

Draw the boundaries of a watershed and explain where rainwater goes in this area.

4.2B; 4.3C; 4.4A 5.2C; 5.3C; 5.4A 6.2C; 6.3B; 6.4A
The Water Cycle
Type: Water Education

Demonstrate your understanding of the water cycle and how we fit into this cycle.

4.1B; 4.7A,B,C; 4.8B 5.1B; 5.5D; 5.7B; 5.8B; 5.9A,B, 6.1B

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